Different Pulses

-“pssst! feet. my feet are yours. i am yours and you are mine. i am you and you are me. whenever i hear this song i”ll be dancing with you.”

-” promise to me that one day you will hold me in your arms in the real world and dance this song with me”.

-” I swear”.

-” no. promise”.

-” I promise to you with my life”.

It’s going to be a Book.

22:02:02hi, i’m back! so, we are opening again a new chapter and i want to recall exactly in this moment, that it’s going to be a book. so fact is, that at the moment it is in a complete secret atmosphäre – you agree. its you and me and google. if its going to be a book, we have to be wise.

24 Days and Nights.

-” …see you in 68 minutes!”

-“Lisa, I think we made it!”

-” Lisa Valerie I love you.”

– “i know! more than everything else?… we both covered this so many years. it’s a volcano”

Brocken Promises

01:30:08you are not lost anymore!
01:30:33i am wherever you go!
01:30:56i will answer every letter!
01:31:40i will visit you as often as possible!
01:35:51where had you been last 3 minutes?
01:40:06just panicked that your normal life wants something from you and you need to leave.
01:46:20don’t leave me
01:46:49i miss you so much
01:47:48europe here brexit there, i hate that we had that less time for 27 years.
01:48:05it’s so unfair
01:48:21i know
01:48:41it’s just not fair!
01:48:50and it hurts